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The exclusion of church from state. An economic meltdown. Laws that circumvent justice and morality. The systematic secularization of media, education, workplace, and popular culture. Experience trumping reason. History revised to serve special interests. The erosion and breakdown of family systems.


These trends aren't even shocking any more---they're old news. Yesterday's urgencies. Yet, as Erwin Lutzer observes in this riveting book, these same factors have converged once before in recent history, with catastrophic results. It's time to take note and act accordingly. 


In When a Nation Forgets God, Dr. Lutzer reveals seven trends that transformed a society much like our own in Nazi Germany. By offsetting historical example with biblical teaching , he challenges the reader to consider What would I do in that situatuion? While historic similarities don't automatcally result in identical outcomes, they clearly call for attetion--and courage.


When Jesus told His followers they would shine as lights in the darkness, He wasn't just speaking poetically. Many of us will be called to stand as heroes--fixing our eyes on Him, neither lulled by calm nor deterred by storm--but serving as examples of grace, humility, and love in the face of severe opposition. Are wea s families, churches, and Christian schools preparing ourselves for that day? 

When A Nation Forgets God by Erwin W. Lutzer

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