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Donating Money


Over the last year, we've endured what so many other small businesses have also experienced: unprecedented statewide restrictions, a significant decrease in foot traffic, and plunging holiday sales.

And while we've been able to introduce curbside pickup (yay!) and continue to fulfill online orders, several events we attend annually as a vendor, were canceled. And most are canceled this year as well. These events keep our business afloat. We rely on these events for rent and our own vendor dues. Couple this with moving into a space three times as large as our first location just before the pandemic hit, and . . .

well, you get the picture.

That said, we've also witnessed unprecedented generosity: anonymous donors, unexpected checks in the mail, phone calls from people wanting to donate, and loyal customers who have written a check on the spot because "God told them to." We've been so moved by how God has provided through YOU.

Which leads us to the main point. We've been asked if there's a way to donate to the store online. So at the request of customers, here it is: a way to contribute to saving your local Christian bookstore.

If God puts it on your heart to give, thank you. We are open another day because of you.

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