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Soon after Captain Norstad stands up to a swindler comes the discovery. A thief has replaced the money in the Christina''s safe with worthless bills. Can Libby''s father make up for the theft with a double payment? Or will he lose the steamboat all of them love?In The Swindler''s Treasure, the fourth Freedom Seekers novel, another theft occurs when Jordan''s church entrusts him with a large gift of money for helping fugitive slaves. How can Libby and Caleb help their friend clear his name? And can Jordan possibly find his father?When Libby''s Newfoundland dog Samson saves a deaf child from being run over, Peter becomes part of the Christina family. What does it mean for the Freedom Seekers to work for what they believe when facing fear on every side?

The Swindler's Treasure (Freedom Seekers Book 4) by Lois Johnson

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