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It’s the most silliness allowed to be on one collection! 25 of the wackiest, the funniest and the most sing-able silly songs from the VeggieTales vault of fun! 

1. The Water Buffalo Song 
2. The Hairbrush Song 
3. The Dance of the Cucumber 
4. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything 
5. Love My Lips 
6. Song of the Cebu’ 
7. His Cheeseburger 
8. The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps 
9. The New & Improved Bunny Song 
10. Endangered Love 
11. Larry's High Silk Hat 
12. Belly Button 
13. School House Polka 
14. Larry’s Blues 
15. Pizza Angel 
16. My Baby Elf 
17. Lance The Turtle 
18. Monkey 
19. The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo 
20. Sneeze If You Need To 
21. Donuts for Benny 
22. Where Have All The Staplers Gone? 
23. Pants 
24. Goodnight Junior 
25. Hopperena

VeggieTales 25 Favorite Silly Songs

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