A beautifully designed gift book in the illumination manuscript tradition that features the words and teachings of Jesus Christ. We turn to the words of Christ for moral and ethical guidance. In times of turmoil and rapid change, their clarity and force give us comfort and strength. This is one of those times. Here are the pure moral principles Jesus Christ taught. His words from the New Testament provide are the best ever offered to the world. As we struggle to find truth, justice, compassion, and love amid the disruption and uncertainty of the 21st Century, these words guide us as they have done in other unsettled times.


THE WORDS OF CHRIST is divided into ten sections, each from a significant portion of the New Testament: My Father''s House, Galilee, Sermon on the Mount, The Seeds Are Cast, The Wider Travels, The Last Journey, The Last Week, Betrayal, Crucifixion, and The Last Words. Designed and illustrated by artist Judy Pelikan, she ornaments each page with the flora and fauna of the Holy Land. She adopts the tradition of manuscript "illumination," introduced in the Middle Ages when it was employed to enlighten - shed light on - sacred texts.

The Words Of Christ by Judy Pelikan

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