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Translate dreams into destiny! All of us have been called to something bigger than ourselves—a dream or a vision that only God can help us fulfill. But often, the gap between promise and reality seems insurmountable. Healing minister and bestselling author, Joan Hunter, is fulfilling a prophetic vision of seeing nations transformed by the power of God. This was the result of practicing simple, but revelatory principles—even in the midst of crisis. Through it all, the Lord taught Joan how to redeem pain, embrace process, and advance forward! In The Power of Prophetic Vision, Joan mentors you through these same simple steps. Discover how to: Speak resurrection life back into your dreamsIdentify and remove blockages to your dreamBreak agreement with lies that war against your destinyOvercome failures, setbacks and mistakesConfidently stand in the calling of God for your lifePartner with the Holy Spirit to walk out the process step by step Now is your time! Wake up to your Dreams!

The Power Of Prophetic Vision How To Turn Your Dreams Into Destiny by Joan Hunte

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