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Where to Turn When You Love a Wayward Child You know the most important thing your children need is love. And you’ve given it over and over again. You’ve done all you can to train your children up, and yet you’re left brokenhearted as you watch them choose a different path. Parents who love their prodigals no matter what, know the guilt, frustration, and sadness can be overwhelming. Whether you’re still waiting for your child’s return or are navigating your relationship after he or she has come home, there is One you can turn to for strength in the storm. This collection of topical prayers offers God’s comfort, wisdom, and compassion—be encouraged in your journey with heartfelt prayers forhopeforgivenessheartbreakcompassioncouragepeacemiraclesgrace As much love as you have for your prodigals, you can rest in the blessed assurance that your heavenly Father loves them even more.

Prayers For Parents Of Prodigals by Linda S. Clare

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