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Romul is a homeless orphan from the mountains on a quest to find out who he is. His only clue is a small triangular relic from his long lost mother. This firebrand is his prize possession--unique in all the world. Except he's just run into three sisters who have one just like it Falling in with the Hoover sisters, the Rokan boy is now part of something bigger...whether he wants to be or not. In this second installment of The Relics of Errus, Plight of the Rokan Boy, Eli, Anna, and Rose have returned to Errus, only to find themselves caught up in a new quest. Sent by an old priest to the foundry city of Farwell, they must search for answers about a mysterious dragon, an indecipherable prophecy, and an ancient enemy who threatens to rise again. Along the way they face shipwreck, imprisonment, and a host of merfolk, dwarves, fire lizards, and more. Which will come first--the answers they need or the end of all things?


  • Ages 9-12

Plight of the Rokan Boy The Relics of Errus Book 2 by Gordon Greenhill

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