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Crowds may have gathered around him, but Jesus never chased popularity. Instead, he spent most of his time with a small number of obscure people, giving most of his attention to one person at a time, modeling for us an effective and sustainable way to reach out and build up the body of Christ.

How does God want to use you to have an impact?
Most of us don't want to spend our lives being time-wasters, space-takers, binge-watchers, or game-players. We want to be difference-makers. But how do we do it?

By revealing the way Jesus valued people, bestselling author Kyle Idleman shows us the Jesus way of changing the world--by loving people one at a time.

Influencing just one person at a time may seem insignificant at first look. But as we better understand the surprising habits of Jesus, we unlock the power of small things done with great love and discover how God wants to use us to change the world one person at a time.

One At A Time by Kyle Idleman

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