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They received a devastating ultimatum. Then, God took them on a journey they never imagined.


The fertility doctor gave them two options: try in-vitro or remain childless. This led Michael and Samantha to consider—and struggle—with a third option: adoption.


In this miraculous story, God opens doors, softens hearts, and eventually leads them to a Russian orphanage. There, they meet and fall in love with full siblings, Yegor and Krishina.

Samantha authentically shares her story of falling in love with these beautiful children only to have the adoption jeopardized in the end. When they flew to Russia, an unknown outcome lurked ahead, but God’s plan was already in motion.


In this incredible love story of heartache and faith you will discover a living God who has His hand on every step we take. This inspiring memoir will reveal how painful moments are sometimes necessary to God's end goal, and remind you how He ultimately has good in store for us all.

Read today to discover this inspiring story of faith, purpose, and God’s provision from Samantha Morgan; infertility survivor, adoptive mom, and the founder of Rush to Hope Ministries.

Miraculously My Own: One woman's incredible journey of infertility, faith, and a

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