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Relationships Matter --Especially Yours!


  • Do people rub you the wrong way?
  • Do you wonder why some relationships are harder to grow than others?
  • Do your reactions to other people frustrate you?
  • Do you want to improve your personal and professional connections?


This quick and easy read explains why you're uniquely different from friends, family, and others you interact with and how you can use your strengths to maximize life connections in a positive, lasting way.


Find answers to your relationship questions through:


  • A 26-Question Personality Assessment
  • Keyword Personality Identifiers
  • Communication Strategies
  • Relational Tactics
  • Personality Quick Tips and more! 


Understanding your personality type and that of those in your life is a game-changer personally and professionally. Which one are you?


The Mobilizer who gets everything done. 

The Socializer who is the life of the party. 

The Stabilizer who maintains the peace.

The Organizer who keeps everything in order.

Linked Maximizing Life Connections One Link At A Time by Linda Gilden and Linda

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