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Do you feel that your home is not adequate to host others or that you do not know how to help your neighbor in need? If you enjoy cooking and decorating but you want more ideas for easy things to do when company shows up then this book will give you inspiration. Maybe you have wanted to help your neighbor down the street, or a single mom or dad that needs assistance? It is easy to see so many people around us who may need us to step in and encourage them. In "It's Not About The Pie" these issues are answered. 


Hospitality is often seen as a trait some people have ad some don't, but we all can shine in this area given the right tools. 


We are all to welcome others into our home and reach out to our neighbors. Our homes don't have to be perfect, we just need to be willing to serve others. Hospitality is about being willing to reach others with true compassion and love. Take a venture into this book and it will inspire you and give you the tools to have a welcoming home in order to share your heart with everyone around you. 

It's Not About The Pie A Fresh Look At Hospitality by Nicki Corinne White

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