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Like many people, Meredith was stuck in the obsessive cycle with food and weight from the time she was a little girl. At thirty-one she decided to go to treatment, not knowing that twelve years later would bring an epidemic. Meredith knew she didn't want to turn back to her old habits, so she stayed close to God. Then one day, the Lord delivered an unexpected Word, which started her on a journey of disciplining her mind, body and spirit. As the Lord displayed His strength in her weakness, Meredith realized He wanted to bring His daughters to health in a way that would allow them to rise to God's call on their life.


By sharing her experience from a relationship with God, getting into the Word and the community of 12-step recovery, Meredith shares wisdom for learning to let God lead in this key area of life.

How To Let go of Your Food and Weight Obsession by Meredith Schoeller

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