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Mikey Mole is excited for a new year at school after the long summer break. But an unexpected opportunity to become friends with the "Awesome Possums" – along with some wise words from Grandpa Morty – teaches Mikey an important lesson about true friendship.

Lessons Learned


  • Friendship is earned, not given.
  • Lying hurts feelings.
  • We must have courage to do what is right.
  • Bullying is never "cool" or funny.


Meet the Mole family! Mikey, Molly and Marvin Mole are middle school siblings stumbling their way through the trials of life. Throughout their misadventures, the troublesome trio learn powerful lessons about virtue and right living. With the family prayer as their touchstone – "No matter what you do, remember the light above you." – the Mole children receive insightful glimpses into the state of their own spiritual life, through the physical appearance and antics of their haloes.


Buoyed by the loving support of Papa, Mama, grandpa Morty, and even baby Mover, the Mole children learn bit-by-bit how to live the life that God desires for all of us. With lessons in honesty, loyalty, humility, obedience, responsibility and more, children will learn to value and build their own character right alongside the Holy Moleys.


Just as Mikey, Molly and Marvin find insight and guidance from their loving family, so too will Holy Moleys readers learn that they can always turn to their own families for wise counsel. And just as the Mole children learn that "the light above" them – their halo – is there to offer guidance when they need it most, Holy Moleys readers will learn "no matter what you do" to "remember the light above you" through prayerful conversation with God.


Holy Moleys: Mikey and the Not-So-Awesome Possums by Kevin Gallagher

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