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In an era in which sexual sin is destroying marriages and families, toppling government leaders, causing rampant STDs among a generation, ravaging entire nations through AIDS...Unmasked is a book with revelation about God's gift of sexuality, the heart of a woman, the true role of a man, God's true design for men and women, a father's role in protecting his daughters and training his sons, the worship of sex that has saturated the nations of the earth, and the church's mandate in a culture that worships sex. Today the most searched theme or topic in Christian websites is sex. Multiple generations are searching for answers to the confusion that surrounds sexuality, relationships, morality and marriage both in and outside the church. Unmasked presents a prophetic panorama of our sexually broken and death-dominated present-day culture. It exposes the ravenous wolves of America's sex culture that seek to destroy a generation of young women and men. It is a manual for fathers and leaders not content with a casual and peaceful co-existence with the cultural moral direction that is ravaging sons and daughters of every nation. Unmasked has insights that offer...


  • Release to women as they recognize the lies of the culture that have affected them.
  • A challenge to men and fathers to rise up and recognize the war that is being waged against their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives and take their place as protectors instead of predators.
  • A call to pastors and leaders to identify, confront and tear down the false ideologies that allow the worship of sex to continue, and create a culture in the church to heal and restore and train God's people in purity and his ways in relationships.
  • Hope to a nation deserving of God's judgment because of the shedding of innocent blood. 

Unmasked Exposing The Cultural Sexual Assault by Jim Anderson

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