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Find Peace by Being Present with Others Kristin Schell longed for meaningful ways to connect with the people in her life. One afternoon, she set a bright turquoise picnic table in her front yard, hoping to create a simple place to gather without the pressures of entertaining. Before long, a movement was born, and people all over were putting turquoise tables in their front yards. Kristin and so many others have traded emptiness for coffee and conversation—and rather than rushing through life with the loneliness that can come from overbooked schedules and mindless swipes through social media, she found a simple way to belong, to be present, and to be both at peace and full of joy. In The Turquoise Table, Kristin shares stories, recipes, and ideas for you to engage with this new concept of hospitality in your own front yard. When was the last time you sat around a crowded table, overflowing with good food and good company?  It’s easier than you think. Closer to home than you thought possible. Slow down, unplug, and enjoy laughter and conversation with friends and neighbors at your own turquoise table. Take every opportunity to open your life and home to others. —Romans 12:13


The Turquoise Table GENTLY REA/LIKE NEW by Kristen Schell

SKU: 9780718095581

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