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Based on the best-selling children's book series by Paul Hutchens, The Sugar Creek Gang Series chronicles the adventures of Bill Collins, Poetry, Circus, Dragonfly, Big Jim, Little Jim, and the rest of the residents of Sugar Creek. Join the gang as they scramble to get to the bottom of who poisoned their substitute teacher's prized horse, discover what a bank robbery, map, and swamp have in common, try to keep a cave by the cemetery all to themselves, and more.

With stories taken from the pages of the book series, as well as new original adventures, The Sugar Creek Gang Series: Double Disc features five charming episodes for the whole family, including Swamp Robber, The Great Canoe Fish, Race Against Nightfall, Secret Hideout, and Teacher Trouble.

Includes 5 feature episodes:
#1 Swamp Robber
#2 The Great Canoe Fish
#3 Race Against Nightfall
#4 Secret Hideout
#5 Teacher Trouble

The Sugar Creek Gang The Complete The Collection

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