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Do you sometimes find it hard to stay engaged in reading your Bible? Or maybe you struggle to know what the Bible is saying or even which part to read?


The Readable Bible: Exodus  will help you overcome those obstacles allowing you to draw close to God and hear His voice of comfort and instruction. This uniquely formatted Bible will change the way you read and understand God’s Word.


The Readable Bible: Exodus  is accurate and inviting, and it’s easy-to-follow formatting offers a unique way of taking long, copious amounts of text and making them digestible for today’s visual reader. The Readable Bible is as accurate as the most trusted translations while maintaining the readability of today’s more popular translations. The modern layout gives this precise translation more clarity while it’s faithfulness to the original text invites deeper engagement. A quality resource for both newcomers and well-versed Bible students.


Distinguishing features found in The Readable Bible: Exodus


  • Special introduction to the book giving historical perspective
  • Expanded glossary
  • Book specific charts and tables
  • Weights and measures
  • People in each book listed by name, key facts, events, and locations
  • Subject Index

Experience the God of the Bible like never before. Experience The Readable Bible.

The Readable Bible: Exodus

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