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Meet Merle and Pearl, two 2,000-year-old squirrels from Bible times who were petrified in sea salt, rehydrated, snuck into the United States in a 12-year-old boy’s backpack, and now live in modern-day Tennessee with their new friend, Michael. How did that happen? Read all about how this salty couple came to be here, and follow their zany adventures in the first three books of the Dead Sea Squirrel series, together in this new set.

Includes books 1-3:

  • Squirreled Away
  • Boy Meets Squirrels
  • Nutty Study Buddies


You can read more about Merle and Pearl and their friends in books 4-6, available now! And, keep your eyes open for even more Dead Sea Squirrels adventures in books 7-12!

The Dead Sea Squirrels 3-Pack Books 1-3: Squirreled Away / Boy Meets Squirrels /

SKU: 9781496450104

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