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NEW! Coloring Creations Greeting Cards™ for KIDS! At last: keepsake cards kids can’t wait to create! Coloring these fun greeting cards helps kids explore and express their creativity…sharpen artistic skills…and grin with “I made it myself” satisfaction when lucky recipients tape each one-of-a-kind masterpiece to a refrigerator door.  And these greeting cards are the perfect solution for parents eager to raise grateful, generous kids—kids quick to write a thank-you note or draw a picture for a distant grandparent. Coloring Creations Greeting Cards™ are perfect to give for a birthday, anniversary, thank you, thinking of you, and everything in between. Color the entire card, or leave some for the recipient to have fun with, too! Choose from a variety of Coloring Creations Greeting Cards—your kids will want them all! In the Splash box, you'll get:


• Twelve 5x7 themed cards—six different designs in all (envelopes included)

• Bible passages tastefully appear in six cards

• Blank interiors—perfect for a child’s note or additional drawing

SPLASH Coloring Creations Greeting Cards For Kids

SKU: 9781470744892
$12.99 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price

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