In many ways, flying on an airplane is like faith - you must get on board to make the flight. In this metaphorical journey, Randall Robison takes readers from the gate of their faith, much like in an airport, all the way to their destination. A large aircraft never looks like it can take flight, and sometimes the journey goes off track, but the fact remains that we wouldn't get to where we want to go if we didn't take the first step and get on board.


Nobody else can do it for us, and only you can do exactly what God desires in your life. You are called for a purpose and He will show you how to carry it out. Experience His grace, grow in His character, and impart that grace to others. This is how you rise above a boring, mediocre faith. And you can do it every day, starting today.


"Rise Above" reminds us as believers that we are made to soar far above the circumstances of life and fly faster, farther, and higher with God by our side. It's never too late to take the flight of faith, or make a course correction and head in the right direction for the journey of a lifetime! 

Rise Above by Randall Robison

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