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Tani Adewumi’s powerful story of finding a new life in America will inspire young readers.


About the Book


An amazing, miraculous refugee story of coming to America, the young readers edition of Tani Adewumi's story will inspire kids looking for true stories of doing hard things.


At eight years old, Tani Adewumi, a refugee, won the 2019 New York State Chess Championship after playing the game for only a year--and while homeless. 


Tani and his family fled Boko Haram's reign of terror in Nigeria to come to the United States, where they lived in a New York City homeless shelter while waiting to be granted religious asylum. Tani began attending a public elementary school and decided he wanted to join the chess program, but it required a fee. Tani's mother reached out to the coach, who offered Tani a scholarship--and a year later the young immigrant became a chess champion.


Ideal for readers 8 to 12 years old, this adaptation presents compelling insight into:


  • What it means to leave a comfortable home and move to a new country with nothing
  • What it's like to live in America as a homeless family
  • How it feels to be an outsider, a Nigerian, in a new school
  • And what it means to learn a game, compete, and experience the thrill of winning


Tani's story will inspire you to believe in the power of the human spirit to triumph over the greatest adversities. And his family's faith will inspire you to believe in miracles.

My Name Is Tani . . . And I Believe In Miracles (Young Readers Edition)

SKU: 9781400218295

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