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The Red Tide:


Incorporating biblically-based story themes, Kingdom under the Sea: The Red Tide helps children understand difficult concepts, such as faith, salvation, trust, and forgiveness.

A deadly red tide concocted by Professor Pinch and the evil squid Krakken threatens the reef village where the Finley family lives. When King Pacificus intervenes and offers an unlikely shelter of protection, he teaches the reef fish about trust and forgiveness.


Return Of The King: 


Featuring breathtaking animation, colorful characters, and a Bible-based story line, the Kingdom under the Sea children's movie presents delightfully illustrated stories told in parable form.


Splash and his sister Coral have long awaited the return of the great whale king. Splash lets a secret slip that gives the evil Krakken an advantage. Then, the great whale king sacrafices himself in order to save his school of fish, but later returns when the breath of life is given to him. Join Splash and Coral as they swim through this wonderful wave of adventure that is sure to entertain your entire family!


The Adventures Of Humpty:


Humpty Dumpty lives in a faraway kingdom surrounded by a grat wall, but trouble happens when and evel dragon persuades him that he's better than everyone else and tries to get him to cross the wall.  In this adventure, Humpty Dumpty learns an important lesson about forgiveness. 

Special Features:

  • 2 Behind the Scenes Features
  • Trailers
  • Concept Drawings
  • Chapter Sections
  • Interactive Menus

Kingdom Under The Sea Special Return of The King and The Red Tide

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