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"The Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion. Which means the kids at Hamilton High have a choice to pursue the Christian Faith....or not" Wendell hesitated. "No one is going to jail."

Lawyer Luke Baxter takes on the fight of his life defending public high school principal Wendell Quinn, who is being sued for starting an after-school Bible study. Thanks to the program, Hamilton High has seen a dramatic decrease in the drug abuse, violence, and teen pregnancies that once plagued the student population. However, this lawsuit threatens to bring everything to a screeching halt.


But God's truth won't be silenced, and Luke Baxter vows to stand up for Wendell Quinn. Because the fight is about more than statistics, improved test scores, and better student life. It's about religious liberty and protecting the very things Wendell Quinn and the Baxter's hold dear-faith, family and freedom.


In This Moment is an inspiring, relevant story about the nuances of religious freedom, the cost of the fight, and how a group of determined people just might restore the meaning of faith in today's culture.

In This Moment by Karen Kingsbury

SKU: 9781451687637

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