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In a challenging world, making friends as a kid is tough. Luckily, authors Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston are back with a new spin on their successful friendship book for women--this time to help tween and teen girls struggling with those awkward adolescent years gain their courage and confidence by learning to make real and lasting connections with friends.

An honest and humorous take on the connection between self-acceptance and community, I'll Be There (And Let's Make Friendship Bracelets) is a how-to for practicing time-tested skills to establish quality friendships and navigate their ups and downs. For any girl who's ever felt uncomfortable in their own skin or is still healing from "friendship hurt," this book will teach them

how to find and keep friends who accept and love them for who they are'
the importance of making friends off screen;
to stay confident and kind in the thick of mean-girl culture; and
how to "break up" with comparison and become a cheerleader for their friends.
I'll Be There (And Let's Make Friendship Bracelets) will encourage and reassure girls by showing them the value and importance of healthy friendships. Whether breaking it down page by page independently or in a friend group, they're guaranteed to connect with the book's insightful activities and candid content, including

thoughtful prompts, infographics, and coloring pages;
fun quizzes, word searches, real-life challenges, and hidden messages;
true stories from Amy's and Jess's own childhood experiences; and
a how-to guide for creating DIY friendship bracelets.

From the supermom team that brought you I'll Be There (But I'll Be Wearing Sweatpants) comes a compulsively readable and highly interactive map for girlhood and friendship with a clear message: life in our crazy and chaotic "plugged-in" world is more fulfilling surrounded by real-life friends.

I'll Be There (And Let's Make Friendship Bracelets) A Girl's Guide to Making and

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