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1. The Necessity of True Faith
2. By the Spirit and the Word
3. Reaching Out for the Gift of Faith
4. Faith and Repentance
5. Becoming a Child of God
6. Humility and Penitence
7. The Certainty of Faith
8. The Surrender of Faith
9. Receiving and Nourishing Faith
10. Justification: By Faith or by Works?
11. Faith That Glorifies God
12. Expressions of Faith

How can you be sure that you have faith? Andrew Murray explains how to develop your faith until you have erased all your doubts. Then you will be able to receive the full measure of faith that God has for you. Find comfort in God's presence, experience the living power of God's Word, and obtain the riches of all God's promises. No matter where you are in your walk of faith, this book will take you farther along the way to God. Discover a new, stronger faith as the Holy Spirit works in your heart!

How To Strengthen Your Faith By Andrew Murray

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