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Every time you get your hopes up, they come crashing down--shattering like broken promises. You crumble under the weight of your own disappointment. In despair, you cry out to God, "Why don't You do something? I need Your help! Will You ever save my husband?"

This is the heart-wrenching cry of a Christian woman whose husband doesn't know Christ as Savior and Lord. A great spiritual gulf separates them. It is difficult to agree on day-to-day decisions, let alone larger questions. Everyday life becomes a lonely and painful existence. 

Linda Davis lived this difficult situation for fifteen years as she prayed and waited for her husband to become a Christian. Her pain came not only because her husband wasn't saved, but also because very few people in the church knew how to help her during her struggle. Yet understanding how to cope with this situation is crucial for a wife's own spiritual health and for strength to endure the strain she is under. Drawing from personal experience and biblical wisdom, Linda Davis describes how you can:



  •  Be happy in spite of your circumstances
  •  Understand your husband's point of view
  •  Witness to your husband without saying a word
  •  Release your husband to God
  •  Rely on Go's perfect timing for your husband's salvation
  •  Understand what God means by submission
  •  Deal with rejection and hostility
  •  Be set free from worry and guilt


The Christian wife of and unsaved husband has a special ministry that no one else can fulfill. Linda Davis explains how to minister to your husband while living a rewarding life both spiritually and personally. This book will benefit any woman who desires a deeper spiritual life for both her husband and herself. 

How To Be The Happy Wife Of An Unsaved Husband

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