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An interactive picture book that uses bold conceptual art and easy-to-understand directions to keep little hands busy, and connects children to the story of God’s creation of the world.


About the Book


God’s Creation: Help Tell the Story, presented in the same style as Press Here, offers an exciting way for children to experience God’s creation of the world as they interact with the words and illustrations, follow along with easy-to-understand directions, and watch the story of God’s creation unfold.


This interactive picture book not only engages and keeps kids’ attention, but also helps them internalize and commit the story to memory. Bold, conceptual art by artist Joanne Liu leaves room for little ones’ imaginations to expand the story and begin to understand the greatness of God and his creation.


God’s Creation: Help Tell the Story is perfect for:


  • Reading aloud with active preschoolers and early readers who will love participating in the story
  • Encouraging kids to learn the creation story from the Bible
  • Fans of Press Here,?Don’t Push the Button, and Tap the Magic Tree

God's Creation Help Tell the Story

SKU: 9780310136637

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