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We think Bible literacy is important, which is why we are committed to teaching the story of Scripture. We want to help people of all ages put the pieces together, so the Bible is more approachable for everyone. Egermeier's Interactive Story Bible is a great tool for just that! The captivating illustrations, engaging videos, and the chronological order of the stories make it easy for anyone to follow along. Soon readers will begin to see how the pieces of the Bible fit together and start improving their Bible literacy.


With over six million copies sold, the Egermeier's series has been helping millions of people better understand the Bible all around the world. This new edition to the Egermeier's series adds a fun, new twist - videos! Throughout the book, you'll find QR codes that can easily be scanned by a smartphone. Once scanned, you'll find an engaging video that accompanies the story you just read about. Older generations will still find the same elements that made Egermeier's great, while the younger generation will love the videos.

Egermeiers Interactive Story Bible

SKU: 9781684343379

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