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When duty leads to brutality, what happens to love?Haunted by witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus, the Roman officer, Lucius, seeks out one of his followers, Mary of Magdalene. Lucius is determined to know more about this King of the Jews. In the weeks that follow, the centurion finds himself falling for Mary Magdalene and the Lord Jesus, whom she follows. But, the centurion, instead, follows General Paulinus to halt the rebellion in the Britons with Lucius, his most trusted officer, leading his men into battleIn the most brutal of times-a sweeping stage that includes persecution within the borders of the Roman Empire and war outside its borders-The Centurion chronicles the seperate journeys of Lucius and Mary, which take very different routes: hers toward God; his away from God.Decades later when their paths cross again, during the Christian persecutions in northern Italy-life-warn and weary, they must choose to serve love or duty.

The Centurion: A Novel by Ken Gire

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