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New York Times bestselling author Terri Blackstock tells the rich and heartwarming story of a cab driver, a young attorney, and the elderly woman who will stop at nothing to give her granddaughter one special gift for Christmas.Finn Parrish was a fantastic chef, proud of his own restaurant—until the failing economy made the prices prohibitive for his customers. Wanting to move as far away from that heartbreak as possible, he exits the rat race and begins driving a cab.But when one of his fares is an elderly woman named Callie who is going to a doctor’s visit, he quickly realizes she’s very forgetful and shouldn’t be left there alone. Torn between frustration that he needs to make his rent this month and guilt over how poorly he cared for his own mother in her final days, he stays with her.When she calls the cab company again the next day and specifically asks for him to take her shopping, his exasperation is slowly tempered by the genuine goodness he sees in her. He just can’t understand why her family isn’t taking better care of her.Then he meets Callie’s granddaughter, a beautiful young attorney working for a ruthless firm while trying desperately to hang on to her job and see to her ailing grandmother. It’s a no-win situation.The more time Finn spends with them both, the more his walls come down. Callie wants so much to give her granddaughter the perfect gift this Christmas. And Finn just may be able to help her give it.Catching Christmas is a heartwarming story of hope, second chances, and love for the holidays.

Catching Christmas by Terri Blackstock

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