Book 11 in the 12-book series that has sold over 63 million copies!Read the books that launched a cultural phenomenon!“This is the most successful Christian fiction series ever.”—Publishers Weekly“Combines Tom Clancy–like suspense with touches of romance, high-tech flash, and biblical references.”—New York Times“Call it what you like, the Left Behind series . . . now has a label its creators could have never predicted: blockbuster success.”—Entertainment


Are you ready for the moment of truth? Mass disappearances.Political crisis. Economic crisis. Worldwide epidemics. Environmental catastrophe. Military apocalypse. And that’s just the beginning . . .of the end of the world. The 12 books in the series by New York Times best-selling authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins cover the events of biblical prophecy surrounding the rapture and the seven-year period known as the tribulation that follows. Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages. The scattered Tribulation Force is drawn toward the Middle East, as are all the armies of the world, when human history culminates in t