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Thoughtful Thursday Is Back!

After a long hiatus following the birth of my almost-two-year-old daughter, Noella, we are resurrecting Thoughtful Thursday to bring you snippets of encouragement to help you get through the daily grind. We may even toss in a few announcements here and there (think: store events, church and community happenings, and contests, too!).

While Thoughtful Thursday was a long-held, weekly tradition, you can expect a new and improved version, including easier-to-digest, shorter posts that you can quickly take in over your morning cup o' coffee. We're also encouraging feedback. We hope you'll utilize the comments sections--share with us! We'd love to know how to pray for you, which posts you enjoy the most, the type of content you enjoy reading, what you liked most about and how we can improve upon events that we've hosted (or plan on hosting), etc.

Our mission has always been to connect heart to heart with others by sharing the love of Jesus through Christian products. So tell us what you need! We want to be here for YOU.

So cheers to a new and improved blog. We hope you'll come back soon!


Samantha & Debbi

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2 תגובות

This is a wonderful idea! Possibly thoughts from the book of Psalms is my suggestion.


Sharon Gamble
Sharon Gamble
30 במאי 2019

I always loved your thankful Thursdays. Looking forward to the encouragement once again.

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