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A Comprehensive Guide to the Prayer Life of Jesus

Prayer was essential to Jesus. Yet many Christians are familiar only with the Lord's Prayer, unaware Jesus modeled a rich prayer life. We can learn so much from his simple, vulnerable examples.

With warmth and insight, Janet Holm McHenry leads an engaging, vivid journey through the fourteen recorded prayers of Jesus as well as his practices and teachings on prayer. This unique, comprehensive guide provides

· Background, context, and a detailed look at each prayer
· Jesus' instructions for and habits of prayer
· Scripture-based prayers along with questions for personal or group use

Following Jesus' example, you will grow closer to the Father and find strength for your challenges.

"If you long to pray more effectively, read this book. . . . Janet reveals the secrets of connecting with God in an intimate, ongoing way. You'll learn how to listen to God's voice, deal with temptation, pray for specific needs, and practice forgiveness. Every Christian needs this book."--Carol Kent, speaker and author

The Complete Guide To The Prayers Of Jesus by Janet Holm McHenry

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