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You Were Made for Meaningful Relationships


In this age of limitless digital connections, we are somehow lonelier than ever. This isn't just sad--it's dangerous. Loneliness puts us at greater health risk than smoking or obesity, but we would sooner label ourselves overweight than admit we are lonely. It's a secret that's killing us.

Contrary to all our efforts, the answer isn't found in more connections, but deeper ones that mirror God himself as the original Friend. With step-by-step guidance, The Art of Friendship will help you fulfill your divine calling to have lasting, meaningful relationships. It is an art you can learn that will lead to the deep friendships you crave. And through insights from God's Word, as you come to understand the depth and width and breadth of God as Friend, you will discover how life-changing and life-giving friendship can be.

The Art of Friendship Creating and Keeping Relationships that Matter by Kim Wie

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