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Culture, church, and life have sold us narratives about who we're supposed to be as women. If we play the part well, we gain love, acceptance, validation, and significance. When we don't know which role to play from one day to the next, we sink in insecurity. We feel driven to people-please, downplay, settle, and perform. In all this, we accept less than the abundant life Jesus died to give us.

Amanda Pittman, founder of Confident Woman Co., explains how we can rewrite our damaging self-beliefs with the truth about our God-given identity by establishing the Four Components of Confidence:

Clarity--Embrace our identity and define our design
Connection--Connect with God and connect with others
Competency--Develop our ability and expand our capacity
Conviction--Know our responsibility and use our authority


With a new perspective and focus, we will stand confidently upon the finished work of Jesus and live boldly in our Christ-given callings

Stand In Confidence by Amanda Pittman

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