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Step fully into the love that sets you free


We say we're free in Christ, but many of us are still living in captivity--to fear, anger, shame, isolation, unforgiveness, and control. We're good at faking it around others, but we're exhausted by the ruse. Andi Andrew helps us to break free.


Sharing her own intentional journey of finding true freedom by surrendering control of her heart and life to the God who welcomed her with open arms, Andrew encourages you to give your pain and brokenness to Jesus. She shows you how to purposefully take captive the lies you have believed and replace them with God's truth.


"Break free from the lies that hinder you and step into your God-given destiny."--Christine Caine


"The truths on these pages have the power to set you fully and completely free."--John and Lisa Bevere


"Andi vulnerably shares her path to freedom so that others can find their paths. . . . Andi is the real deal, and this book will change your life!"--Nancy Alcorn


"Pastor Andi . . . tells us how to courageously face our pain and how to overcome the lies that cripple and paralyze us."--Darlene Zschech


"You'll find a fast friend in these pages, one who will champion for you and remind you what is TRUE."--Rebekah Lyons


She Is Free Learning The Truth About The Lies That Hold Andrew

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