Out of chaos comes chaos. Edvin wants to get into Swedish Special Forces and marry the girl of his dreams. All seems within his reach until the whole world literally falls apart. His girlfriend dies in a plane crash, his sister-in-law loses her unborn baby, as well as does every parent in the world. All children and selected people just vanish from the earth throwing the world into chaos. In the midst of this chaos, a new type of leader emerges who has great personal skills and ideas in how to bring the world back together better than ever. Edvin’s future begins to look up as he is recruited into the new elite world forces unit, gets assigned to this leader’s personal detail, becomes his trusted ally, and even falls in love again. Yet, Edvin finds this new leader may not be as altruistic as he portrays himself. It seems those not on his side become expendable. The more Edvin tries to help, the darker this leader becomes until Edvin finds himself on this leader’s enemy list as well. He learns of a coming apocalypse this leader tries to ignore, and tries to save as many as possible from both this future apocalypse as well as from the clutches of this leader who he once called a friend. Can Edvin, his family, and friends survive through the coming apocalypse before this leader causes their demise, or will heartache find him once again?

Promised Kingdom Stele Prophecy Pentalogy Prequel 1

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