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Do your kids love puzzles, coloring, and reading an exciting adventure?

Would you like to reinforce Christian values while providing them a great learning experience?

Light of Mine Unit Study for Homeschool and Small Classes supplements reading the Mom's Choice Award Winning Light of Mine. The Christian fantasy adventure for middle-grade readers is packed with action, suspense and a touch of whimsy the whole family can enjoy while reinforcing the Christian worldview. This unit study combines Biblical values and educational activities in four weeks of supplemental curriculum.


Story passages, chapter assignments, and thoughtful questions foster Biblical discussion while exercising reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Memory verse copy work helps students learn scripture as they practice their handwriting. And weekly coloring sheets, puzzles and activities offer a fun opportunity for creative expression.




This unit study is designed to be completed within four weeks. Each week includes fifty to sixty pages of reading, to be done aloud or independently. Students are encouraged to keep a reading journal for their memory verse copy work and to record their answers to the reading questions.



  • Have students copy the MEMORY VERSE and complete the vocabulary exercise in their reading journal.
  • Read the STORY PASSAGE aloud and discuss the passage questions together.
  • Complete the daily reading assignment, aloud or independently.
  • After reading, students should record their answers to the READING QUESTIONS in their journal. Answers may also be discussed together.




  • Complete the daily reading assignment, aloud or independently.
  • Have students recite the MEMORY VERSE.
  • Use the coloring page, puzzle and activity as a fun activity to wrap up the week

This printed premium unit study adds vocabulary exercises, puzzles, and activities not available in the basic electronic only unit study.

Light of Mine Unit Study: For Homeschool and Small Classes by Allen Brokken

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