An incredible journey of life lessons, grief and unexpected friendship changes the life of a young Midwestern boy who accidentally kills his beloved dog during a backyard baseball game in the summer of 1963. In his grief, he reaches out to the most powerful family in the world, President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy who give Mark a gift that changes his life. This true story not only gave this boy a dog to fill the void of his loss, but an unexpected friendship with the most iconic woman of the 20th century: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

In a series of unlikely divine interventions, Mark shares the journey and fulfillment of his love for dogs, brought back to life by a remarkable little dog, Streaker. Just as amazing is the long-term friendship Mark develops with Jacqueline, and how God used that friendship to mentor him. That sense of divine calling led Mark to opportunities of great service for the Kingdom of God, while at times dangerous, incredibly rewarding and important. Streaker may have been a mutt, but his simple bloodline showed Mark that anyone puts their giftedness in God’s hands, and allows God to use them, amazing things happen.

Jackie, A Boy, And A Dog by Mark D. Bruce

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