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Have you ever desired to instill in your child that God desires their whole heart? That He is ever present and in all that we do? That God desires for their light, the light of Jesus, to shine ever so brightly?

God answered the author's prayer for just that For years, her grandchildren insisted on "Memaw, storytime " But she had no imagination. She prayed, "God, give me Your story. They need You in their lives." She began a journal of the stories a few years ago. Many of the stories are based on her family's true life experiences. They deal with salvation, faith, hope, the power of God, rebellion, forgiveness, and more. This is a small collection of those stories. JoAnn Vicknair had never written a book and never had a desire to. But, she decided to type up the stories from her journal so her grandchildren could practice reading with stories that they love. During that process, God told her to have them published.

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It's Storytime, Memaw!: An Answered Prayer for Stories

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