Going Green by Chris Skates is a timely novel that is filled with intrigue and suspense that involve murder, suspicion, Islam, environmentalism, terrorism, behind - the - scenes government activities, betrayal, global warming, espionage, international relations, paganism, religion, violence, romance, and Christian faith - all in one very thrilling book! From the CBA Retailer Magazine - April Issue: ''Ashley Miller has been an environmental engineer at a power plant for five years. She and her company are conscientious about clean air and water, but her ex - boyfriend, an passionate activist, wants to shut down the plant. A mysterious, handsome Arab terrorist, posing as a lobbyist, schemes to destroy Ashley, her plant, and more. Ambitious politicians use Government regulations to advance their personal agendas in this fast paced novel filled with all the action, drama, and intrigue of Baldacci, Clancy, and Grisham.'' Going Green will make you wonder if there is more to the environmental movement than you ever thought possible, and it exposes the motives of human hearts in a starkly realistic manner.

Going Green by Chris Skates

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