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Today's teenagers are the most anxious, creative, and diverse generation in history--which can make it hard for us to relate. And while every teenager is a walking bundle of questions, three rise above the rest:

· Who am I?
· Where do I fit?
· What difference can I make?

Young people struggle to find satisfying and life-giving answers to these questions on their own. They need caring adults willing to lean in with empathy, practice listening, and gently point them in the direction of better answers: they are enough because of Jesus, they belong with God's people, and they are invited into God's greater story.

In this book, which is based on new landmark research from the Fuller Youth Institute and in-depth interviews with data from 2,200 diverse teenagers, Kara Powell and Brad M. Griffin offer you practical and proven conversations and connections to help the teenagers in your home, your ministry, your classroom, or your neighborhood answer their three biggest questions and reach their full potential.

3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager by Kara Powell/Brad M. Griffin

SKU: 9780801093388

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